Under the Gun Hand Late in a Poker Tournament

Here is a hand that I played late in a competition on Poker Stars a few evenings ago. It was an enormous contestant competition, with I accept, around 100 sections. I had endured to the best 20 and was well-positioned to make the last table (top 9 players) with about $25,500 in chips. I was in fifth spot and quite agreeable position, just about $12,000 behind the pioneer.

There were just 6 players left at my table and under a lot of pressure (first position) I was managed A-Q off suit. The blinds were $1200/$600 so I put on a raise of 3x the Big Blind or $3600. Most everybody   308 amo   at the table had been playing reasonably moderately this late in the competition, simply attempting to stand by out the last short stacks before the last table. I calculated my raise would probably bring about everybody collapsing and me getting the blinds and risks.

I was shocked when everybody collapsed around to the Big Blind and he called my raise. Out of the multitude of players at the table however, he was the person who played a little free as I would see it. (He likewise had a stack somewhat greater than mine with about $28,000 in chips)

The Flop came Q-J-7 rainbow. I figure this is about the most ideal situation for me, with top pair, top kicker. I immediately make a pot estimated bet and to my complete shock, the Big Blind answers by bringing all-up in!

Now I have no clue about what he has. He could have K or A however at that point for what reason didn’t he re-raise me pre-flop? The main other chance is that he has pocket 7’s or alternately J’s and hit a set, however I can’t envision that he wouldn’t slow play that hand assuming he did. By the way that he bet everything, I need to calculate that he is attempting to feign me off the pot. I’m speculating he has A-J or A-7 or something almost identical to that. Since it is late in the competition and near the air pocket, he should calculate that I will overlap to an all-in. Numerous players would prefer than risk a major stack at this stage.

In the wake of thinking of it as almost up to my time limit, I settle on the decision. He flips over pocket K’s, nothing saves me on the Turn or River and I am out of the competition in seventeenth spot. Minutes prior, I was basically guaranteed of bringing in the cash. All I needed to do was not lose an all-in with a major stack.

Did I play this hand accurately? I surmise that is up for assessment, knowing the past is 20-20 100% of the time. A few players I know could never call an all-in at this phase of the competition, along these lines safeguarding that they keep close by for the cash. I generally approve of this style, aside from the way that it can ruin your opportunity to win the competition as a matter of fact. My style is more one of attempting to keep myself in the situation to really win, not simply stay close by for the last table.

Is that simply a method for supporting a hand that I shouldn’t have settled on that decision ready? Perhaps. In any case, assuming you will overlap top pair, top kicker late in a competition, you most likely won’t win numerous competitions. You might stay close by for some cash gets done, however you need to play to win, as I would like to think. It doesn’t cause it particularly fun when you to have placed in two or three hours worth of time, to complete that nearby, yet once in a while, you simply get unfortunate and faced some unacceptable hand at some unacceptable time. There isn’t a lot of you can do about that however enter the following competition and play too as you can once more.

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