Hairpieces Now And Then


For some people it is hard to imagine ever wearing a hairpiece, so engrained is the image of the toupee or “piece” from a few decades ago. Even the name conjures with it an image. toupee hair  The “hair units” (as they are also called) of today are a far cry from those dense pieces of yesteryear.

Today’s hairpieces are extremely natural looking. The fibers that they are made from differ immensely, from beautiful new synthetic fibers to variations of natural hair that fit all races and cultures. The processes of coloring and styling have come so far there simply is no comparison to the past. The choice of type varies widely from a full wig to small hair extensions that have specific purposes for hair designing.

For Men

A man might just as well choose to wear a hairpiece today to address cosmetic needs as his male pattern baldness. Hair extensions, which could be used to address thinning of hair, lengthening hair or simply a desire to add temporary cosmetic looks like dreadlocks might be equally preferable to a full hair unit.

If a man does choose to wear a hair system to deal with baldness, he will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the sweaty wigs and thick toupees of the past are gone. He can choose from lightweight nylon caps that will allow blending of natural hair. Whether choosing synthetic or natural hair, gone are the single colors. Pieces can be died to match the natural patterning of one’s hair, including greying at the temples, root tinting or other patterns.

For Women

Many women are opting for hair systems that mimic their own hair but add volume through a full or three quarter system that mixes seamlessly with their own hair. This is accomplished through micro-fine cap mesh with hand stitched hair strands in the best of situations. Lace fronted hair pieces allow for the woman to have a blended, virtually invisible hairline.

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