Norse Astrology in History – The Role of the Norns

Norse Astrology in History – The Role of the Norns

One of the additional illuminating parts of Norse crystal gazing is concentrating on what the planets mean for mankind’s set of experiences. We see this most distinctively in the sluggish planets. The Norns, who are addressed by the planet Neptune, characterized the two universal conflicts of the twentieth hundred years.

As Neptune lies at the external edge of our planetary group, so do the Norns address the cutoff points forced on our lives. The Norns imply the job of inflexible destiny. They are the limit past which we can’t pass, a past or weight that we can’t leave. They address those parts of our current circumstance which we have no control over.

The Norse Norns and Greco-Roman Neptune share the traits of murkiness, withdrawal, and secret. However, they vary in a few regards. Neptune is the planet of deception, of living in a dreamland. The Norns endure no deceptions. Rather, they How to join the illuminati f our lives. Neptune addresses the disintegration of limits, though the Norns underline and build up those limits. With Neptune, we lose our healthy identity, while the Norns improve and hone this sense.

The Second Great War (WW1) was characterized by the presence of the Norns in Uruz, the rune of untamed may, oblivious powers of life, and the will to live. WW1 began upon their entrance into this rune, and finished upon their exit. A great many fighters and regular folks lost lives and property in WW1. After the conflict, Europe at this point not overwhelmed world issues, and European pioneer domains started to fall to pieces. The political guide of Europe was redrawn to help quelled identities. Powers that had been stifled for many years, even hundreds of years, at last loosened up when the base powers of Uruz were delivered upon the world. Simple human organizations couldn’t contain the otherworldly imperativeness innate in Uruz. WW1, as Uruz, exhibited that the facade of progress is more slender than we accept.

The rune Uruz rides the finish of the Greco-Roman sign Cancer, and the start of Leo. A Greco-Roman conjecture of Neptune’s entry through these signs would have been a zenith of culture, harmony, and gentry. Creative Neptune is lifted up in conservative Cancer, and sun oriented Leo underscores government and brought together realm. The truth was the polar opposite – elitist social orders ousted by war.

The Second Great War (WW2) was characterized by the Norns in Kenaz. Dissimilar to WW1, WW2 was a conflict of belief systems, and clashing dreams in regards to the idea of mankind itself. It increased the force of government, and raised the apparition of mankind’s demolition. Kenaz is the rune of the fashion, by which we revamp ourselves between the blacksmith’s iron and sledge. Kenaz is the rune of the underground grave hill, yet additionally of the light of illumination. The world request, as humanity itself, was changed through the preliminaries of his rune.

The rune Kenaz covers the finish of Virgo, and the start of Libra. Virgo and Libra are maybe the most refined, fragile, and socialized of the Greco-Roman signs. A conventional figure for humankind would have been a prospering of workmanship, culture, and learning, and a getting some distance from the loathsomeness and ruthlessness of war. Neptune in its Virgo drawback underlines practicality over unreasonable creed, and Venusian Libra shows the victory of strategy. Few would portray WW2 as down to earth or helpful.

Be that as it may, what representing things to come? Starting today, the Norns are in Sowilo, the rune of unstoppable will and triumph. This is a frail situation for them, and it is more diligently for them block humanity’s advancement. Be that as it may, their next rune is military and dictator Tyr, and we might expect trouble when they leave Sowilo.

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